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A complete assessment package is an integral part of the site. This allows students to record their progress on certain pages, called o-tests of which there are 1,840 currently available, and teachers to maintain records of their student progress and use it for diagnosis, feedback and help. In addition teachers can use the site to create homework tasks along with hints and deadlines, all of which is marked on-line. To see typical pages, choose a syllabus then enter o-test in the search box. See the online help for more information.

Free Sample Pages

First choose a syllabus and then you will see a list of sample pages that are free to access without a subscription. These should give you a flavour of what the site contains.

Welcome to MathsNet

Study Online

Study your Mathematics course online. There are currently 11,951 pages of content ranging from illustrations and explanations to 4,816 fully worked exam questions and 1,840 o-tests (on-line assessments). Almost every page is interactive offering you much more than simply an online text book. You can use the 4,816 exam questions to create and print out your own topic tests, mock exams, revision materials and class or homework tasks, all complete with mark schemes.

To subscribe please first select a syllabus. If you have already subscribed then please use the Log On above near the top right.

Top schools 2016-2017
1225239.8Parkside School, UK - England & Wales
2360814.4Harrow International School Bangkok, THAILAND
3260693.8Barton Peveril, UK
44401493.0Colegio Santisima Trinidad, Argentina
54481752.6Oaklands College, UK
6166682.4Jerudong International School, Brunei Darussalam
753262.0McLaren High School, UK
83162161.5High School Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
975970.8The Grey Coat Hospital, UK
1053800.7Corfe Hills School, UK
Top schools 2015-2016
110208012.8Corfe Hills School, UK
2244921611.3High School Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
38461495.7Colegio Santisima Trinidad, Argentina
4236425.6Chingford Foundation School, UK
526309542.8Bury College, UK
64208030.5Hills Road Sixth Form College, UK - England & Wales

Online Help

There is extensive online help available for assisting with subjects such as:

  • handling your account(s) - for schools how to set up and use separate teacher and student personal accounts;
  • setting up student classes and accounts, including importing data from external sources;
  • assessment from both the student's and teacher's perpective (including, for teachers, how to create and allocate student tasks);
  • using the forum and conferencing facilities;
  • how to use o-test progress charts;
  • how teachers can monitor the progress of their students;
  • setting up and printing exam papers (including how to handle common printing problems).

To access the online help click or touch the ? button near the top-right of the page. This button will appear with a green background when there is help available directly related to the page currently displayed.

Recent Additions

ID 8183: Exam Question
AQA A-Level FP4, Edexcel A-Level FP3, OCR A-Level FP3, Universal V, WJEC A-Level C4

ID 8182: Exam Question
AQA A-Level FP2, Edexcel A-Level FP2, OCR A-Level FP1, OCR-MEI A-Level FP1, Universal C, WJEC A-Level FP1

ID 8181: Exam Question
Edexcel A-Level FP3, OCR A-Level FP1, Universal M, WJEC A-Level FP1

ID 8180: Investigate 1

ID 8179: Example 1

ID 8178: Example 1

ID 8177: Level 1

ID 8176: Timed O-test

ID 8175: Example 1

ID 8174: Puzzle O-test 1

How exam papers are marked
Get advice from examiners and some tips on improving your exam technique - particularly how to avoid zero marks!
Read brief biographies of famous Mathematicians who were instrumental in creating advanced mathematics.
Interactive glossary
Check the meaning of words and phrases used throughout your course. A relevant glossary also appears on each page.