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To get the most out of the site you need your own personal ID. If you are a single subscriber you will already have this. If you are a student at school or college, then you should log on using the school ID and then create your own personal log-on details.

You will then be able to access the forum, conferencing and on-line assessment


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quickStart guide

MathsNet imageThis is a brief description of how you can get a class of students registered on the site and then set them some work, which will be marked on line, and whose marks will be viewable by you allowing feedback and further work. It should demonstrate the power of the site to easily create and manage on-line assessment.

Alternatively you can download a quickStart guide (pdf format) here

We assume you have your teacher username and password available and can log on to the site using them.

A) Register a class

  1. Click on Your Account towards the top right

  2. Select Import Classes and Students from the Account menu on the left

  3. Import a class. The page shows you two ways of doing this, either by importing a comma separated value (csv) file, or by typing in the student details line by line

  4. For your class to log on, they will need to know their username and password combination created by the site.

B) Create a task

  1. Select Manage Student Tasks from the Account Menu

  2. Look for Global task templates. There will be at least one available: Magic Square Puzzles for Foundation level or Quadratic functions for Higher level. (You can create your own tasks too but we'll leave that out of this quick start guide.) Select the task.

  3. Fill in the form that appears, choosing a finish date for the task and the class who are to do it. Save the task.

C) Get the class working on the task

  1. Each student must log on using their unique username/password. The simplest way to give them this information is to select Manage Student Accounts from the Account Menu and then use the download to Excel button to obtain a list of all students and their usernames and passwords. You can also read this information from the screen.

  2. Once logged on each student will see a T icon, highlighted in pink, to the top right of the screen. Clicking on this will take them to a page listing the various parts of the task you set.

  3. They can make as many attempts as they like at each part of the task. All scores are recorded and viewable by the student.

D) View the results

  1. Select Manage Student Tasks from the Account Menu

  2. Select the task you created

  3. You can view scores relating to this task in various formats: by class or by student or by individual test question. You can request that a specific student re-do the task if their mark is not high enough. Marks can be downloaded as an Excel file to your electronic mark book.