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14028Decimals : Multiplying and dividing : By powers of 10
14027Decimals : Multiplying and dividing : What I'd do...
14024Fractions : Adding : What I'd do...
14018Scales and ratios : Using ratios : Example 32
14017Percentages : Increases and decreases : Example 7
14003Percentages : Using percentages : What I'd do...
14002Arithmetic : Negative numbers : Multiplication - What I'd do...
14001Percentages : Summary : What I'd do...
13995Decimals : The unitary method : What I'd do

Add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers, fractions and decimals; order rational numbers; use the concepts of factor, multiple, highest common factor, lowest common denominator, prime number, square and cube, index notation, percentage and ratio. Approximate to required degrees of accuracy. Use a calculator. See and print out the Foundation Number Fact Sheet on the Fact Sheets Page.